Last weekend, AFJN hosted its 2010 annual meeting and conference, entitled “Justice in Africa: On Whose Terms” featuring Fr. Peter Henriot, S.J. as a keynote. Nearly 150 individuals – missionaries, students, activists, scholars, and more – from across the U.S. and from several African nations, all gathered in Rosslyn, VA to share and learn from one another.

Justice both in and for Africa was the focus of the conference and Peter Henriot’s keynote address, but workshop topics ranged from food security to U.S. Africa Policy more broadly to what you can do to make a difference.  It is our hope that these conversations help mobilize AFJN members to help carry out our mission of educating and advocating for Africa and for more just U.S. relations with the continent. Look below for resources and information that can help as you look to learn more or to carry what you learned out into your communities!

Lobby Your Elected Officials!

AFJN members and friends conducted over 30 visits to Congressional offices on Monday, April 19, to advocate for an end to violence against women around the globe and to support free and fair elections in Rwanda. To support AFJN as we encourage Congressional action on these issues, please take these issues home with you! You really can make a difference in your community! Make an appointment with your legislators’ local offices and let them know you’d like to see them take action. Remember, they work for you!

Workshop: Restorative Justice

  • Visit the section of our website dedicated to the Restorative Justice focus campaign. Please check back for more information on the book project!

Workshop: U.S. Africa Policy

  • Learn more about US Africa Policy: This article in Foreign Policy in Focus includes a clear assessment of how Obama’s relations with Africa have been for better or worse. Also, partner organization Africa Action puts out an annual review of U.S. Africa Policy. 
  • AFRICOM: Watch the video
  •  Does your community do work in Africa? We need your voice! AFJN and a coalition of religious and peace organizations make up the Resist AFRICOM campaign. AFRICOM officials are now claiming, and many policymakers seem convinced, that African people have embraced AFRICOM and that the vocal criticism is a thing of the past. Thus, we are hope to raise some of the voices of those on the continent whose concerns about a militarized U.S. engagement with Africa are ongoing. Please contact Allison Burket ( if you would like to get involved or could consider signing on to an updated position statement.
  •  Take action for Debt Cancellation! AFJN is one of many organizations that make up the Jubilee USA Network. Visit their website to learn more about the Jubilee Act, about country-by country information about debt cancellation, about Vulture Funds, and how you can get involved!

Workshop: Food Security

Workshop: Great Lakes

  • Learn more: AFJN’s Jacques Bahati has done extensive research and analysis on the DRC and regional politics and conflict. Check out the DRC focus campaign page.
  • This review by Howard French in the New York Review of Books gives an excellent overview of the history and complexity of the conflict in the region.

Workshop: College Outreach

  • Workshop presenter and former AFJN intern Barbara Vi Ho has developed a guide for taking action on college campuses. Check it out here!