By AFJN Intern Erika De Leener
Namibia’s ruling South West Africa People’s Organization ( SWAPO) party has delivered its promise of equal gender representation.With 51% of Namibia’s population being woman it seems only fitting that there is equal representation.
Not only has Namibia reached the milestone of equal gender representation in members of government, it is also in the process of adopting the ‘zebra’ style system which is that when a minister is a woman, the deputy minister must be a man and vice versa.
According to the freedom house report, Namibia has an overall free rating of 2 out of 7, with 1 being the best and 7 the worst, which means it, is doing quite well. This equal gender representation and the possibility of introducing a zebra style system is revolutionary and has not yet been done in Africa or anywhere else in the world.
According to the World Bank in 2009 the adult literacy rate for males was 88.91% and 88.13% for woman.
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