A New Scramble for Africa: Land Grab & Dispossession of People

A new scramble for Africa akin to the frenzy that followed the Berlin conference of 1885 and the partitioning and colonization of Africa is on; farmlands and minerals are the biggest attraction.Read More


Investigating Herakles Farms in Ghana: AFJN’s Report

What happened with Herakles Farms in Ghana? How is the community doing now? What is the prognosis for the new owner of the land?
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Cameroon: President Approves Land Grab Deal with Herakles Farms

Land grabbing is a global issue involving large-scale leasing or buying of land in developing countries by trans- and multinational corporations, often without Proper Free, Prior and Informed Consent (PFPIC) of landowners, and through dealings with corrupt governments.
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Anuak condemn attempts to delay Karuturi’s exit from Ethiopia

Anywaa Survival Organisation, Ethiopian Anuak Development Foundation, and Anuak Community Association in North America, with the strong support of international civil society and Anuak community leaders worldwide, call on the governments of Ethiopia and India to cease negotiations with... READ MORE

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