A New Scramble for Africa: Land Grab & Dispossession of People

A new scramble for Africa akin to the frenzy that followed the Berlin conference of 1885 and the partitioning and colonization of Africa is on; farmlands and minerals are the biggest attraction.Read More


Investigating Herakles Farms in Ghana: AFJN’s Report

What happened with Herakles Farms in Ghana? How is the community doing now? What is the prognosis for the new owner of the land?
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Cameroon: President Approves Land Grab Deal with Herakles Farms

Land grabbing is a global issue involving large-scale leasing or buying of land in developing countries by trans- and multinational corporations, often without Proper Free, Prior and Informed Consent (PFPIC) of landowners, and through dealings with corrupt governments.
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Preventing land-grabbing in Africa

As the international community joins hands to stop the threat of the Ebola virus, Bahati Jacques of Africa Faith and Justice Network, a Catholic advocacy organization based in Washington DC, would like to also shine... READ MORE

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