The Central African nation of Gabon has received $17 million for meeting established goals for forest conservation. The payment comes from an agreement with the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI), which is a partnership between African and European nations to prevent deforestation. Based on the ten year agreement with CAFI, Gabon will be paid $150 million based on their conservation trajectory. 

Gabon’s forest protection policies have helped maintain some of Earth’s most unique species. Gabon’s forests currently harbor 60% of the world’s forest elephant population. Forest elephants are noble and beautiful animals, but also serve an extremely important function for central Africa’s ecosystem. If these species were to go extinct it would be devastating for the entire environment in the area.

Gabon has shown an incredible commitment to its environment, becoming a global leader in forest conservation. Gabon has managed to protect the rich and diverse rainforests which make up 90% of their nation’s land. Protecting these forests will allow Gabon to accrue ‘carbon credits which can be used for financial advantage in the future. Gabon has proven that African nations can not only participate in climate sustainability but can actually lead the way in protecting the Earth.

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