To get ahead of the brokers who are going from village to village looking for land on behalf of foreign companies, we have taken our Land Grabbing Awareness and Prevention Campaign to local FM radio stations. (Click here to learn more about what is land grabbing.) This is a fast and effective way to make our campaign national and bring it to the attention of authorities. On March 3rd we were live on Volta Star Radio in the city of Ho, which was also rebroadcast on March 8th; the show was in English and Ewe. That same day we were on Lorlornyo FM in Hohoe; the show was in English, Ntrubo and Twi, also known as Akan, and was rebroadcast on the afternoon of March 10th and the evening of the 17th. On March 8th we were in the studio of Beyond FM in Kwanta, the capital of Nkwanta South District. The show was in English, Ntrubo, Ewe and Twi. We signed a one month contract with the station, outlining that the show will be rebroadcast once a week, live presenters will mention the campaign and repeat main points of the show, and they will air one and half minutes of jingles mentioning AFJN and our campaign. Our panelists on the radio shows have reported that they have been receiving calls from their friends who tuned in and are asking to expand the message to other regions.