In his message on the occasion of the state of the Nation address on February 21st, the president of the Republic of Ghana articulated his agriculture policy. He addressed the issue related to food security, skills and technology need to improve Ghana’s agriculture sector so that not only it can create jobs but also end Ghana’s import of food from neighboring nations. Unfortunately the President did not discuss the ever-expanding land crab happening across Ghana. How can Ghanaians produce food for Ghana’s market when they do not control the land? Africa Faith and Justice Network has been bringing awareness to Ghanaians about the threat of land grab and its effect on food security, national security, national sovereignty, financial independence, women empowerment, displacement, human rights, corruption just to name a few. In Ghana as anywhere in Africa leaders must take seriously the threat of land grabbing and without delay stop it. Click here to read Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo’s Agriculture Policy.