“Blessed are they who die in the Lord; they will rest in peace for their good deeds will accompany them.” – Revelations 14:13

On August 27, 2020 the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) said goodbye to Lucy Huffman, a dear friend passionately dedicated to the mission. Not even ill health could deter her from serving. The last day Lucy came to the office directly from the hospital after chemotherapy treatment because she did not want to miss a deadline. She needed Richards assistance and he lovingly obliged knowing how much it meant to her.

“She expressed to us that she was grateful to be part of an organization making a difference in the lives of people, and throughout her life she did as much as she was able. She was humble, even though she had extensive accomplishments over her lifetime. Throughout her years at AFJN she would often spend late nights in the office crunching numbers and assisting wherever she could even stuffing envelopes. Lucy had a real zeal for life and a passion for justice. She inspired us with her strong faith passion for serving others.” – Rev. Aniedi Okure, OP

“I learned through the dedication of Lucy that a truly meaningful and fulfilled life is found in selfless service to the needy at the margins of society. May she dwell forever at the bosom of God whom she nobly served in the people of Africa.” Rev. Barthelemy Bazemo, MAfr

“Someone so special can never be forgotten. Lucy was a special gift to AFJN. Her joyous and caring spirit, her dedication and commitment to work, and her deep sense of God and love of the poor will continue to inspire me. Last time I spoke with you in the office, you were weak but you looked into my eyes and said, “we are in the hands of God.” You are now in the loving hands of our good God and you will always be in our hearts and memory.” – Sr. Eucharia Madueke, SNDdeN

“Lucy was always ready to listen. She would drop all she was doing to assist and made herself available anytime if needed. She always went the extra mile. She answered calls and replied to emails on the days she was not expected to be in the office. Lucy was also about taking care of those she worked with. She always asked about how I and my family were doing. Her return to her creator is a loss for those of us who remain on this earth” – Ntama Bahati

“What struck me was Lucy’s joy and sense of peace that emanated from her. I would be stressing out and she would be calm and peaceful trusting in God that everything would be okay. She was more concerned for others wellbeing than for herself even with her illness. May God grant her eternal rest and let us all strive to be like her in this life. The world would be a much better place.” – Lydia Andrews

AFJN is so grateful to Lucy’s family for allowing us the chance to pray with her before her passing. It meant the world to us that we were able to to tell her how much she touched our lives and the lives of the Africans on the continent, to tell her how many people around the globe knew her by name (if not by sight) for her great contributions to AFJN over the years (producing a small smile), to tell her how much we love and would miss her, and to tell her how grateful we are to God for blessing us with her – that we were so lucky to have had the privilege to have known and worked with her. We spent that hour with her praying to God for a peaceful transition and in thanksgiving for the blessing that was she.

To read Lucy Huffman’s official obituary in The Washington Post, click here: https://legcy.co/3hfRvMJ.