The best way to receive timely updates and alerts about how to be most effective in advocating for a better future for the people of the Congo is to sign up for our eNetwork at the right of the page. But here are some other ideas:

  • Write an editorial to your local newspaper, visit your member of Congress’ office, or find some other creative means of building support for the Democratic Republic of the Congo Security, Relief and Democracy Promotion Act currently in the Senate.
  • Hold a fundraiser to support AFJN’s advocacy on this issue or the work of humanitarian and development organizations such as Catholic Relief Servicesworking in Congo.
  • Be aware of the origins of your jewelry, especially diamonds, to ensure that they come from a company committed to human rights (check out Amnesty International’s page on this for more info).
  • Organize a prayer or include in your prayers the 4 million victims of the war in Congo since 1998.
  • Check out Congo Global Action Coalition ‘s blogspot for the most up-to-date news analysis and events postings. The coalition also has a website that will soon be launched – check back for details!