About the African Faith and Justice Network 

The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) is a Catholic network of individual and organization members focused on Africa and the experience of its people. AFJN is committed in faith to collaborate in the task of transforming United States mentality and policy on Africa. AFJN serves as an instrument of education and advocacy on behalf of justice for Africa and works with the African people as they strive to build a just society and promote the common good. 

The Executive Director of the Africa Faith and Justice Network: 
  • Coordinates and leads AFJN in collaboration with members, staff, Board, and coalition partners to accomplish its Mission. 
  • Works to expand membership in AFJN. 
  • Develops and implements programs and policies consistent with the AFJN Mission Statement. 
  • Manages AFJN finances and engages in fundraising activities; and 
  • Assumes responsibility for the administration of the AFJN office. 
  • Serves as an official spokesperson for AFJN. 
The Executive Director is responsible to the AFJN Board of Directors 
  • Reports in writing to the entire board at each Board Meeting. 
  • Reports orally to the Executive Committee during regularly scheduled conference calls and other times throughout the year as needed. 
  • Is annually evaluated by the Board of Directors 

AFJN Coordination and Expansion 
  • Maintains personal contact with organizational members annually 
  • Solicits new organizational and individual members 
  • Insures that donations and new memberships are acknowledged in a timely manner 
  • Directs all major functions of AFJN 
  • Establishes and maintains AFJN contact with the media 
  • Coordinates AFJN’s public relations 
  • Maintains collaborative working relationships with AFJN partner organizations in the US, Africa, and Europe. 
  • Maintains and cultivates ongoing contacts/relationships with donors 
Development and Implementation of Programs and Policies 
  • Develops and oversees the AFJN Operational Plan including specific goals & objectives 
  • Directs the research, documentation, and analysis of issues relevant to the Operational Plan 
  • Develops and disseminates AFJN perspectives on specific African issues as approved by the Board of Directors 
  • Consults Organizational Members on country-specific issues 
  • Coordinates AFJN advocacy efforts with the US government and agencies 
  • Represents AFJN at conferences and meetings related to Africa 
  • Gives public presentations on issues relevant to Africa 
Financial Management and Fundraising 
  • Develops an annual budget 
  • Oversees revenue and expenses 
  • In collaboration with the board and the finance committee ensures that adequate funding is secured through diversified fundraising strategies 
  • Maintains accurate financial records 
  • Ensures AFJN compliance with record-keeping procedures for tax status, payroll, and taxes 
  • Ensures that there is an annual audit 
  • Manages AFJN grants and prepares required reports on the use of grant monies 
  • Oversees quality maintenance of AFJN’s communications, including: eBlast, Action Alerts, AFJN website 
  • Oversees information flow between and among staff, Board and Committees 
General Administration 

a. Personnel: 

  • Develops and maintains staff position descriptions 
  • Supervises AFJN staff members and interns 
  • Conducts performance appraisals within the appropriate time frame 
  • Interviews and hires prospective employees 
  • Maintains team spirit and good working relationships within the organization 
  • Assures development and job skill education for AFJN employees 

b. Office: 

  • Coordinates all aspects of the office, including: 
    • Assurance that AFJN office can adequately respond to requests from members & other callers. 
    • Maintenance of office equipment & supplies 

c. Board of Directors: 

  • Serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors 
  • Prepares reports, and other necessary information, for board meetings 
  • Performs duties as directed by the board and its committees 

  • Sound knowledge and lived experience of Africa, including history, cultures, governance, economic and development issues 
  • Passion and commitment to the peoples of Africa in their struggles to create a better society 
  • Sound commitment to fundamental Christian values of respect and dignity for all 
  • A working knowledge of the dynamics of US and global politics 
  • Knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and its application to the contemporary African context 
  • Competence to make an in-depth presentation on African issues to diverse audience and settings 
  • Ability to relate professionally with people in leadership and at the grassroots level 
  • Must be US citizen or eligible to work in the United States without additional sponsorship. 
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in leadership/administration 
  • A Masters degree or higher 

Qualified candidates may apply by submitting a detailed resume and cover letter to searchcommittee@afjn.org by November 01, 2020. No phone calls, please.