Sisters in Uganda are using the radio to spread the message to end domestic violence. It has been reported that domestic violence has increased throughout the world following the lockdown orders from the COVID-19 pandemic. The lives of many women and children are at stake. Families are being destroyed. The Africa Faith and Justice Network – Uganda (AFJN-Uganda) sisters are not sitting idly by, instead they are taking to the airwaves to address this critical issue.

Every Friday (June 13-July 3) at 9:00 – 10:00 AM (Fort Portal, Uganda), AFJN-Uganda sister’s are sharing Jubilee Radio 105.6 Uganda’s radio program to talking about domestic violence. They are educating their listeners that this is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Every community, family, and individual, needs to reevaluate how they are treating one another while in lockdown. Is there physical abuse? Is there mental abuse? Is one’s reactions abusive and contributing to domestic violence even if it does not seem that bad? Are there resources for victims? How anger and stress be channeled in ways that are not abusive?

The sisters have also created a Prayer to End Domestic Violence (below) and are encouraging all people to pray to stop the violence. Please join us in praying the prayer and share it with others you know.

Africa Faith and Justice Network – Uganda
Prayer to End Domestic Violence

God Almighty Father, in the beginning You created them, male and female in Your image and likeness. “A bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh at last,” exclaimed Adam who saw Eve as his better half. The two became one flesh and You blessed them to be fertile and bring forth children.

Your Son and our Lord Jesus, taught that whoever disrupts family peace is liable to sin. We have lost the true meaning of marriage, we settle for lust instead of love, and for cohabitation instead of formal engagement and commitment. Disharmony within families is on the rise and these sinful inclinations are leading to domestic violence which deprives children of their innocence and angelic purity. 

Lord God, we beg for mercy and wisdom of heart. Strengthen our bodies and wills.Prince of Peace, renew the gifts of the Holy Spirit within each of us to bring forth Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faith, Gentleness, Self-control, Modesty, Chastity, and Continence within the Family, The Domestic Church.

In your wisdom Lord, help family members recognize the signs of abuse and help them stop their destructive actions and words and have a true conversion of heart. Let those in the wrong acknowledge that they are harming the other and themselves. Teach them to abhor their own behaviour and come to true repentance and amendment of life. Guide them to care for one another. 

With the help of Mary and Joseph, let our families be reflections of God’s Kingdom on earth. Protect us in the battle against evil. Keep all families safe and in good relationships with one another. Like the Holy Family of Nazareth, let each family member seek and do what gives glory to God.

We make this prayer through Christ, the Prince of Peace, and His Family of Nazareth.