The 1994 genocide in Rwanda left the country deeply divided and hopeless. In an effort to re-establish a sense of community and restore hope, Felicite Rwemarika formed a women’s soccer team. Megan Specia, a New York Times reporter, highlights these soccer teams in her Times video titled “Rwanda’s Soccer Sisterhood.” These teams are made up of Hutu and Tutsi women in an effort to promote inclusivity amongst the two groups. Within these teams, women not only dedicate time to training, but they also focus on talking about their lives. Through this, these women have been able to share their feelings, mentor one another, and again look forward to the future. Gloria Nibagwire, one of Rwanda’s best soccer players shared words that her late father passed onto her, “We can all love each other, even those outside of my family, we can take as brothers and sisters.” This soccer sisterhood should stand as a model for other areas, such as the social and political sectors, in Rwanda. In order to fully restore hope and a sense of community, all Rwandans need to uphold the value of inclusivity and come together as one.
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