We are encouraged by the US Justice Department announcement, made on March 5, 2014, about the asset freeze of “$458 million in corruption proceeds hidden in bank accounts around the world by former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and conspirators” under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.
Anyone with information about suspicious assets in the US (money in bank accounts or property) linked to African leaders should send an email to kleptocracy@usdoj.gov. This also applies to African human rights violators and war criminals in the US, or who plan to travel to the US. Simply call 1-800-813-5863 or email hrsptips@usdoj.gov. You can also contact Africa Faith and Justice Network at afjn@afjn.org or 202-817-3670 and we will help you channel your information to proper authorities. Identities of callers are protected, or you may remain anonymous.
This article was first published in our January-March Newsletter