Militia attacks have resumed and the humanitarian situation continues to worsen in Darfur. Meanwhile, the
international community and humanitarian organizations are decreasing
their involvement in the region. In the first week of November, militia
attacks on IDP camps killed hundreds, including many children. In
addition, thousands fled from the violence for other camps, fearing for
the safety. In recent weeks, UN and the AU have given reports accusing
the Sudanese government of continuing to fund the Janjaweed militias
responsible for these attacks, but the government denies the charges.
The renewed attacks and perpetual movement of the displaced Sudanese add
to the immense need for humanitarian assistance. Despite this, some
international aid organizations are leaving Darfur altogether.
The Norwegian Refugee Council has announced that it will end its
operations in Sudan because the government has repeatedly interfered
with its work, rendering it largely ineffective and inefficient. In the
last two years, the Sudanese government has suspended the NRC’s efforts
five times, preventing the organization from helping the hundreds of
thousands who have fled from their homes. Without political pressure
from the international community, it is likely that the Sudanese
government will attempt to drive out other humanitarian organizations.
To push the US government to support the AU forces and act as an
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