United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening visited Zambia in July. She said Zambia had enjoyed impressive economic growth and had seen 1.2 million more children in schools and 40 per cent reduction in child mortality.
She commended Zambia’s commitment to scaling up social protection to those living in extreme poverty saying the country’s economic and social development had been underpinned by its political development.
“Today, Zambia is known across Africa as a model of democracy. Zambian people are not only voting in free and fair elections, they have a genuine say in the running of their country and at the same time we know there are still real development challenges for Zambia to overcome,” Ms. Greening said.
Spectacular Waterfalls
Zambia is one of the most water-rich countries in Africa and her many rivers cascade into fabulous displays of falling water as they wind over the undulating landscape. The most spectacular is of course the not-to-be-missed Victoria Falls, but there are 17 other beautiful falls dotted around the country. Waterfall Tours are becoming a popular trip providing access to these out of the way delights as well as opportunities to see rural village life in Zambia.
Photo credit: zambiatourism.com