Humanitarian organization International Rescue Committee reported this week that more than 200 women have been sexually assaulted in the last five weeks alone around Darfur’s largest displaced camp, Kalma. This alarming trend is yet another sign of the region’s plummeting security situation.
300 women who live in the camp convened a meeting recently to plead for more help from the outside world — particularly from African Union troops mandated to protect civilians.
“This is a massive spike in figures. We are used to hearing of 2 to 4 incidents of sexual assault per month in Kalma camp,” said Kurt
Tjossem of the International Rescue Committee.
Darfur is also suffering from increasing attacks on aid workers. The May 5 Darfur Peace Agreement is on the brink of collapse, and has done nothing to improve the security situation. A UN civilian protection force is needed urgently. To write to your member
of Congress to urge such a force, click here.