Did you know that every sixty seconds one child dies of a water related disease? Access to clean water is a serious problem affecting millions of people around the world. Therefore, using sustainable innovative technology to improve water security was the theme of this year’s First Global Challenge, the world first ever international robotics Olympics. High school stem students representing thirty-eight African countries flocked to Washington DC to compete in the event earlier this week. Not only did students partake in fierce competition, they also spent time exploring each other’s cultures and developing friendships that now span across the world. The First Global Challenge has inspired many students that live in developing countries to pursue a STEM career. Larissa Hagbang of Team Cameroon stated that because of her experience in the competition she now wants to help build Cameroon’s infrastructure by becoming a mechanical engineer. Many of the Teams representing African countries performed extraordinarily in the competition. The all-female team from Ghana played a major role in a three-team victory during the exhibition match on day two of the tournament. Team South Sudan took home the gold medal for courageous achievement. Next year’s First Global Competition is set to be held in Mexico City

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