Should Carnegie Mellon University partner with Paul Kagame despite his criminal record?


In a letter to Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) President, Mr. Jared L. Cohon, African Great Lakes Coalition writes:

If CMU is genuinely invested in sustainable peace and development in Rwanda, and if it is determined to cultivate a relationship with Kagame, we are insisting on greater caution and responsibility.  We urge you to make your partnership with Kagame conditional on improvements in his human rights record and extension of political freedoms.  Without these measures, you will open your university to a great deal of warranted criticism, negative media attention and an almost certain historical stain as one of the institutions that supported the despotic rule of another African strongman. We invite you to partner with our organizations to work towards prioritizing economic progress as well as human rights in the East African community in general, and Rwanda in particular.

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