Africa Faith and Justice Network invites you to add your voice to the call for a more responsible US foreign policy that respects the dignity and capacity of our African partners. Together, we can build a movement to halt the further militarization of Africa.

The new US Africa Command (AFRICOM) structure involves putting many of State Department and USAID’s current development tasks under the Department of Defense; blending the military and civil society; and in a likelihood, utilizing private military sub-contractors to carry out the mission of AFRICOM.

AFJN argues that the mission of AFRICOM will in fact destabilize the continent and will do more harm than good to the people of Africa. If development and security are true priorities of the US government, why AFRICOM? Why not debt relief, job creation, incentives for good governance, strengthening of USAID, or improvements on the President’s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)?

A strong majority of Africans are saying “no” to AFRICOM and “yes” to diplomatic partnership. Let’s join them and elevate their voices by signing petitions to Congress and to the Bush Administration. Tell them to halt the current structure of AFRICOM and to pursue a foreign policy rooted in true partnership with African Governments, the African Union, and African Civil Society.
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