Source: Christian Telegraph
Cardinal John Onaiyekan from Nigeria has warned South Sudan against foreign oil exploiters and conmen saying that if used well oil money can be good while it can be bad if it is misappropriated and can be a source of problems, reports CISA. He cautioned that the foreign exploiters normally work in coalition with national leaders to steal the oil money.
Cardinal Onaiyekan also warned that activities of these exploiters make the country look rich because of its oil resources, but in reality its people remain poor. Cardinal prayed for South Sudan to have a government that uses the oil money to the maximum for the development of the new country.
Cardinal Onaiyekan urged South Sudanese to sustain the unity of purpose that existed during the liberation struggle to the independence of the country.
He advised South Sudanese to face together the new challenges of good governance, integrity and solidarity for building the new nation calling on the ordinary citizens to continue working hard and look at each other as one people.
The Cardinal presided over the Eucharistic celebration of the Centenary in Mupoi Parish of Tombura/Yambio Catholic Diocese.
“Christians took the centenary as a spiritual journey and a clear pilgrimage as they moved to Mupoi on foot,” he concluded.
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