Italy accuses France for mass African migration to Europe

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio has accused France of creating poverty in Africa and causing mass migration to Europe as a result. The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stated that, “The migrant problem has many causes. In Africa, some … Continued

Prosecuted for Advocacy

The United States Constitution makes it possible for citizens to express our true beliefs, a freedom we constantly take for granted. We go to the store wearing the shirt of our favorite political candidate; we passively share a Facebook post … Continued

Extractive Industries in Chad

On June 15th AFJN had the pleasure of attending an event featuring Delphine Djiraibe, a prominent human rights activist in Chad.  Her talk, along with input from other organizations, shed light on current conditions in Chad as a result of … Continued

AFJN Signs Statement of Policy Recommendations for Chad

This week, AFJN signed onto a policy statement providing recommendations for the incoming Obama Administration on the instability in Chad, particularly in relation to the situation in Darfur. The statement was drafted by Caring for Kaela, an international humanitarian NGO, … Continued