There is an African proverb which says: “The ear is never too old to learn.” In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Marcel Mugoyi, a long time local chief of several villages, recently asked a local primary school principal to enroll him so that he can gain knowledge to efficiently do his work. Chief Mugoyi is in his late 60s and never finished primary school. The principal told him that the skill set he is looking for is above the primary school level.
Chief Mugoyi’s story serves as an example of the need to empower more people like him, undereducated leaders, to reach their full potential. It’s also a reminder that ALL Africans should have access to the tools needed to become productive citizens. This is why AFJN has made the empowerment of local communities a priority; we’ve already led a 3-day pilot workshop in Ghana. Currently we are sourcing funds to match a grant we’ve received to help us expand the project across the continent.
For a long time Chief Mugoyi has been looking for a copy of the Congolese constitution. As of late January 2015, he hasn’t obtained one. His true needs can be met if he is given an opportunity to attend a leadership workshop to learn about the constitution, human rights, women’s rights, democracy and leadership. Good governance and democracy starts with education, access to information, and active citizens.