Read the full letter here August 3, 2012
Dear President Kagame:
We are writing as a bipartisan group of legislators to express our deep concern about the recent and growing conflict in eastern Congo….
The conflict in eastern Congo and Rwanda’s role in it deeply troubles many Members of Congress. We believe the continuing unrealized potential of the peoples and countries of Central Africa is a loss for the whole international community. Actions that violate international law, foment violence, and thwart progress are not only unacceptable, but self-defeating.
Given the evidence before us, we will have to take a hard look at continued bilateral assistance. Furthermore, the complete lack of transparency by the Rwandan government, regarding the DRC as well as more broadly, would lead us to register our concerns in international forums including the United Nations and the World Bank. We support the actions the U.S. State Department has taken so far, including the suspension of Foreign Military Assistance to Rwanda and calling for a dialogue between Rwanda and the DRC.