Nine organizations and 103 individuals signed the letter to the Hon. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa demanding a decisive response to the recurring attacks against foreign nationals living in South Africa. Click here to read the letter. Below are comments of some the signatories which were attached to the letter submitted to South African Embassy officials in Washington DC on October 3rd.

“We are in support of the content of the letter “ – Comrade Nnanna

“The leaders and people of South Africa need to meditate and commit to the vision stated in these word of the African Union’s Anthem: ‘Let us make Africa the Tree of Life, Let us all unite and toil together, To give the best we have to Africa, The cradle of mankind and fount of culture, Our pride and hope at break of dawn.’ ” –Ntama Bahati

 I was in South Africa in 2008. It was a horrible time. I had been trying to assist a few refugees with small needs. Then a reign of terror was unleashed on innocent, harmless people who had been fleeing violence elsewhere in Africa. When South Africans were resisting Apartheid and had to flee RSA for their safety, many peoples of African countries welcomed, received and assisted them. But many South Africans saw refugees and other needy people who came to South Africa seeking a better life as enemies, as rivals — they sometimes robbed them of what little they had and they were even ready to kill them. Horrible, tragic and satanic.” – John Converset

“Xenophobia has no place in politics and in regard to human dignity!” –Christopher Promis

 “Many of us address immigrant and refugee issues here in the U.S. but little attention is paid to this tragic situation in South Africa.  Thank you for making us more aware.” –Sr Marie Lucey

“The situation is truly tragic. Is this the lurking unsavory fruit of the evil of apartheid on the SA citizens? The situation calls for in-depth study. How can this type of inhuman behavior happen among citizens of a continent that is renowned for its hospitality and its spirit of Ubuntu? Perhaps work on dismantling apartheid in depths and to the roots is yet to be undertaken. Let the immigrants also take part in this work of dismantling apartheid and restoring a people to its humanity and dignity in God’s image and likeness. The South Africans and the entire world will benefit from it. Evil open or secret is not a friend of any human being whatever their nationality. May God have mercy and give all concerned the grace of true repentance.”  —Sr Teresa Okure SHCJ     

“Let every human being be wherever s/he chooses to live without any hindrance whatsoever!!! God bless Africa, God bless all!” –Nelson Adjei Bediako, SMA

“Stop the Violence! This is an absolute disgrace! South Africa should know better especially after apartheid.” –Marie Mehaffey

“I was a foreigner in South Africa for five years in the 90’s. I never had a real fear for my life and was treated with respect and treated others with respect. I hope people from other countries will once again feel safe in your lovely land.” –Geneal Kramer

“I do not understand how you can go backward as a government and take your country into such inhumane actions. All the efforts of the leaders who risked everything to bring you out of the white inhumanity of the past are being destroyed by you. Every human being had the same red blood and the same right to an adequate means of providing for themselves and their children.” —Sister Janice Thome

 “Xenophobic violence (especially against Africans) is a violation of Human Rights Laws/Conventions, South Africa’s Liberal Constitution, crime against humanity, negation of the Frontline States’ & Africans’ support (with blood & treasures) of the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, etc. The solutions to Xenophobic Violence must include concrete, actionable policies that are also ENFORCED; not only fine speeches at various venues. If need be, deploy both the Military and the Police to honor the Memories of, among many others, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, et al.” – Levi Zangai

“The World is our home. Let freedom reign without any discrimination. Discrimination of any kind is an act of cowardice.” –Paul Peter Rom

This is so unjust and heart breaking to hear.” –Dianne Nixon

 “I am ashamed of this beautiful country. Have you forgot the countries who helped you in the past?”      —Cora Richardson

“Xenophobia is a crime.” –Juliet Nyamao

“Not happy of what has happen… We are all brothers and sisters created and loved by the same God of Jesus.” –Louis Tony Okot

“I am here in the Philippines and deeply concerned about this Xenophobic Violence.” –Euginius Canete

“What they are doing is a disgrace to the black nation. The African Union should take action against SA.” –Taye Doherty

 “Dear Mr. President, please do not follow the same path our incredibly ignorant president does in our country. Stand ahead of the pack and show leadership here.” – Stephen Settimi

“Nelson Mandela did not teach South Africans to kill other nations.” –George Adinuba

I am shocked that in the country made famous by the moral leadership of Nelson Mandela such injustices are occurring without accountability by the authorities. Please take steps to address this terrible situation.” – Michael Carroll

“Stop this madness.” –John Reed

“Thanks for the initiative. We hope more people sign the petition. We cannot sit back and watch this evil grow!” –Efi Tembon

“All kinds of killings and disturbances must stopped, cause God so love the world that he gave us is beloved son that anyone who believes in name shall have everlasting life, and God has shown us example that we should love each other’s as ourselves.  Do unto others what we want others to do unto us. We do not create any human beings so therefore we shall not lay hands in killing or destroy any one.” –Bernadette Okonji

“End Afro- Phobia now. Foreigners are not the problems of SA.” –Jose Effiong


“Please stop the xenophobic violence.” –Judith Bonini, IHM

 “We worked in solidarity with the anti-apartheid movement. South Africa can rise above this too.” –Ronald Pagnucco

“I support the petition” –Commey Raymond

“The South African populations should not forget the solidarity played by so many African countries to help them fight apartheid.” – RENE M. Segbenou

“It is time for all Africans to realize that the only way for economic independence is Pan Africanism.” –Kwame Frimpong

“The president of South Africa is cutting diplomatic ties with Israel what he described as crimes commuted against Palestinians and he is doing nothing to stop xenophobic attacks in his country. I think he should deal with the skeleton in his own cupboard and stop innocent migrants from being killed in his country.” –Victoria Caulker

“RSA must respect the human rights of all people including refugees and migrants!” –Jo’Ann De Quattro

“I lived in east and Southern Africa for 24 years. I know the tribal and racial violence and hatred first hand.” –Max Langenderfer

“They should stop violence, they have a very short memory, during apartheid, all africans countries were helping them, they should remember also that foreigners are not the one having industries in SA, they have no brain…” –Alain Bouhon