As the saying goes: put your money where your mouth is. The latest appropriations bill, section 7042 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 (US Public Law No: 113-76) contains important general and country-specific Africa policies. Supporters of foreign aid believe that the aid money allocated for Africa in this year’s US budget is insignificant compared to the need. However, between corporate tax evasion, corruption, and embezzlement, more money leaves the continent than Africa receives in aid; Africa’s central problems are all firmly linked to bad governance. Thus, AFJN is more interested in reforming US aid to Africa with a focus on improving governance. That said, here are some Africa policy highlights from the Consolidated Appropriates Act related to issues AFJN has advocated on.
By Bahati Jacques, AFJN Policy Analyst, and Melaura Homan-Smith, AFJN Program Coordinator