Chazmine is a rising junior at Villanova University, where she majors in Political Science and Communications and minors in Spanish. At Villanova, Chazmine participates in the campus community through organizations such as the Blue Key Society, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Committee, the Community Outreach of Villanova, and Residence Life. Additionally, Chazmine has engaged in campus opportunities, such as service justice experiences, where she traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to gain insight on the social, political, and economic struggle post-Hurricane Maria. As an intern with Africa Faith & Justice Network, Chazmine hopes to further her knowledge on issues affecting Africa while fulfilling the organization’s mission during and after her time as an intern. Chazmine gained her passion for advocacy during her junior and senior years of high school as President of the Black Student Union where she used her platform to promote the needs of the group, coordinate events, speak at events, and build community within the organization. In the future, Chazmine plans to continue to use her voice and analytical abilities to best empower underrepresented groups.