Finally, a Deal in Zimbabwe

  Months after the highly disputed presidential elections in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe (Zanu-PF party) and Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC party) reached a power-sharing agreement on September 11th. Tsvangirai will become prime minister and the MDC party will likely have more … Continued

Angola Parliamentary Elections: Off to a Good Start

AFJN stands in solidarity with the people of Angola as they participate in the first parliamentary election in 16 years. The election is a huge stride toward sustainable peace, democracy, and development that Angolans desire. After three years of preparation, almost … Continued

Why Restorative Justice?

Why Restorative Justice? In our Western culture, there is a tendency to automatically equate justice to punishment, but is it accurate to consider this notion universal?  An even bigger question is, is this kind of definition for justice ultimately beneficial … Continued