AFJN Signs Statement of Policy Recommendations for Chad

This week, AFJN signed onto a policy statement providing recommendations for the incoming Obama Administration on the instability in Chad, particularly in relation to the situation in Darfur. The statement was drafted by Caring for Kaela, an international humanitarian NGO, … Continued

The Scope of the Congo Crisis

With the renewed violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the number of victims continues to rise and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced.  On November 6th in Kiwanja, civilians were massacred by Laurent Nkunda and Rwandan troops in retaliation … Continued

As Somalia Deteriorates, the US Seeks Control

Just when we thought the situation in Somalia couldn’t possibly get any worse, recent weeks have shown that Somalia will likely deteriorate further before stabilizing. From piracy to militancy to displacement and starvation of the local population, Somalia needs international … Continued