Corruption No More: Pressured, Fossang’s Catholic Health Care Center Staff all Resign

Corruption grips African societies, economies, and politics. No matter how small, it must not be minimized and must be forcefully confronted, if prosperity is ever to be secured. Countless meetings and endless reports have said little about those taking action against corruption. Being corrupt is ultimately a choice that reveals a lack of integrity. Those who cannot be trusted should never be entrusted with management.

Event: Continuing Plunder! Brutal Extraction of Africa’s Resources

The largescale transfer of wealth out of Africa drives much of today’s global affairs, and also explains much of yesterday’s. For four centuries outsiders have been plundering and carting away Africa’s natural resource wealth on an astonishing scale. The webinar will shine a light on key facets of the continuing pillaging of Africa in our time, the 21st century and will highlight how brutal this extraction remains with instigated wars, dangerous poisons, significant human and animal displacement and unsightly filth inflicting destruction on the people as well as on the fauna, flora and water sources of the once-lush environment.

Press Release: COVID Defense Act Must Include Accountability Measures

Today, the “COVID Defense Act” was formally introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Representative Mark Pocan. If passed, this act will provide additional resources to ensure global access to vaccines as part of the U.S. national security strategy by rescinding “1.3 percent of total defense spending” and authorizing “the same amount for international COVID vaccine production and distribution.” The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) calls on Members of Congress to ensure that if passed, the act will also include measures to keep kleptocrats in check through accountability mechanisms.

AFJN Welcomes, Researcher, Author, Journalist and Consultant, Denis Mpagaze, as an AFJN Senior Fellow

The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) is excited to have Denis Mpagaze, teacher, researcher, author, journalist, consultant and the voice of the of the voiceless marginalized communities in Tanzania, as our newest AFJN Senior Fellow. Denis has over 12 years of teaching experience at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, a university owned by Tanzania Catholic Bishops. Apart from teaching he manages a community radio station called Radio Jogoo. It is the leading community radio station in Songea and Ruvuma region at-large in reporting issues affecting the marginalized community!

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