Ethiopia’s New Prime Minister Delivers Overdue Reforms

Since being appointed as Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister in April, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has expedited massive reform to enhance the economy which sparked a new hope for the future of Ethiopia. Before his tenure, Ethiopia faced three years of violent protests, human rights violations such as torture, politically motivated imprisonment and widespread corruption. The changes that Dr. Ahmed has already made to settle these issues include obtaining freedom for Ethiopian prisoners at home and abroad, lifting the state of emergency, and admitting that the regime used torture against political opponents in the past and has taken steps to make peace with Eritrea according to Abdullahi Boru Halakhe, a reporter from Al Jazeera.

Somali Youth Deported after 22 Years in the US

Recently the United States has had a fiery debate over immigration issues, generally centered around the southern border shared with Mexico.  However, this is not the only area of the world that ICE is cracking down on refugees and immigrants.  Plenty of people from Africa are being turned around, or even deported after many years spent in the United States in legal residency.

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