Welcome to Our 2020 Fall Intern, Yousra Hasona

Yousra Hasona is a lawyer and researcher from Palestine. She have a master degree in criminal law, and currently a master student at conflict management and humanitarian work program, she is working mainly on the issue of child soldiers and restorative justice especially in the Arab Spring countries.

The US is Not a Safe Haven for Foreign Human Rights Violators

The US has laws intended to ensure human rights abusers, like Correa, do not have a safe haven on its territory. Correa could face the death penalty or up to life in prison based on the guidelines of the 1994 Torture Statue. This statute requires for any person residing in the US, regardless of nationality, to be charged for torture abroad. Also, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 prevents criminals from seeking asylum. However, the most legally cut-forward way, majority of the time, for US officials to prosecute war criminals is through immigration violations. The ICE and the US Department of Justice Criminal Division actively work to prevent criminals from entering the US.

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